Translation: Duet May 2014: Arioka Daiki


This is Daiki’s acting themed interview! In this he talks about what he likes about acting, Kindaichi, his fashion, and his most memorable work. Like the other Duet interviews this month, it’s a really good read!

Also, I’m home now and working on Otona e JUMP - Kei’s part, so please check back for that really soon! Enjoy this Daiki interview!

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VS嵐 - 17.04.2014

Hikaru: Erm, recently a member from my group, Chinen Yuri was here and I watched it on air. He pretty much sucked. And now I would like to reclaim that glory as a member.

Sho: Give Chinen a message!

Hikaru: Chinen! I’m going to work hard for your sake too!

Sho: That’s cool.


Subbed vid (c):http://jumpinfs.livejournal.com/